Initially (from 1975 through 1993) ALFA MECCANICA was located in Turin with a plant of only 300 square meters and with up to twelve employees.

In 1993, with the target of fulfilling the increasing Customers’ needs, ALFA MECCANICA moved to a new plant in Vinovo (in the outskirt of Turin) with about 1500 square meters and with up to twenty seven employees.

In 2008, due to the fact that in the Vinovo plant there was no more free areas for new machining centers installation, ALFA MECCANICA decided to move in a new plant in Sommariva del Bosco (20 miles South of Turin) with 5.500 covered square meters ready for the future requirements of the expanding aerospace market.

Today the ALFA MECCANICA work force is made by fifty employees and has in place an “on going multi years investment plan” with the purpose of adding new special machine tools, new very flexible and automated machining centers/lathes and other systems/tools to expand its manufacturing capabilities.

ALFA MECCANICA, year by year, has been working on developing its technical and manufacturing skillfulness and capability with the target of becoming a supplier of finished complex parts/components/assemblies.