ALFA MECCANICA carries out internally the following main processes for Aerospace and Energy Industry:

  • 3-4 axis CNC Milling (overall maximum dimension 4050 x 2500 x 1000mm)
  • 5 axis CNC Milling (overall maximum dimension 4000 x 1200 x 1600mm)
  • CNC Center Turning and Multi Axis Turning (overall maximum dimensions D. 660 x 1585mm)
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (die sinking and wire cutting)
  • Manual GTA Welding
  • Assembling Operations
  • Functional tests of  manufactured components (pressure tests, flow tests)


ALFA MECCANICA is supported by  a network of properly selected and certified Suppliers to perform several operations and special processes as:

    • NC grinding
    • Non destructive controls (RX-MPI)
    • Laboratory controls (as metallurgic controls of raw materials)
    • Heat treatments
    • Forming of sheet metal parts
    • Normal and vacuum brazing operations
    • Welding operations
    • Surface treatments (painting, oxidations, plasma coatings application, etc.)
    • Shot peening operations